Meet Dr. Julius Bailey

Hello! My name is Julius Bailey, and I am interested in becoming the next City Commissioner for Springfield, Ohio. My name is not yet a household one in this great state, so you may be asking, “Julius who?” I am, quite simply, a member of this community with an overwhelming desire to serve the diverse people who call it home. My motto is, “To Lead the People you must Love the People, and to Love a People means you must Serve the People.”

I am encouraging you to get to know me and help me better understand you, your needs, and your expectations for those who hold public office. This site gives you a small glimpse into what you can expect from me. I hope I can pique your interest, earn your trust, acquire your support in hopefully, the form of an X placed next to my name on a ballot on November 2, 2021.

Julius Bailey for Commissioner is an idea and a promise. Together we can sharpen our vision for what leadership looks like in this state. Further, we can deliver on this vision, creating real change that aligns what we hope for with what we have.